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My name is Jason Tock. The passion for the outdoors was sparked when I was about 9 years old during a youth hostelling holiday in Wales and ever since I've wanted to explore and wander.

My adventures have taken me to the tops of some of the highest mountains in Europe, rock climbing, winter mountaineering in Scotland and living in the woods of Britain for extended periods with minimal equipment and supplies. 

I have taught clients navigation, hill craft, bush craft and camp craft for over 2 decades including training adults to take students out onto the hills.

  • Qualified Mountain Leader

  • 35 years bush craft and survival experience

  • Educated children and young adults in outdoor skills

  • Trained adults to care for children in remote terrain

  • Ran or assisted in search and rescue in high terrain

  • Personal Survival Experiences

    • Snow cave in Scotland for 2 nights with winds in excess of 120mph​

    • 3 ice axe arrests. 1 in Scotland, 2 in the Swiss Alps

    • Hypothermia after slipping into a river in Scotland

    • Caught in a thunder storm above 3500m in the Swiss Alps

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